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X-ATHON 2014 – A Run To Spread Smiles

X-ATHON 2014 – A Run To Spread Smiles
In this fast emerging world, our lives are nothing but a race against time where not once do we stop to analyse the repercussions it causes on our bodies. For the first time in Bhubaneswar Xavier Institute of Management organised ‘X-Athon’, an initiative aiming to aspire a healthier self and a healthier society. Besides running, improving the quality of your sleep can also result in better health. You can improve the quality of your sleep by investing in a good mattress. Memory foam mattresses are getting more popular lately as they have just the right combination of support and comfort. Take a look at which is a great guide at helping you find the best memory foam mattress of 2017. Now back to the marathon, many people joined this initia [...]


Carrying water fetch by fetch, From dawn to dusk through the whole stretch… Little shoulders with huge burdens… Composure, shyness, innocence, they removed all the curtains… They are divine, they are lucky.. Yes, they are for themselves… Please don’t use them as lucky charms… They want to play and learn… They want respect, care and concern… [...]

The Miracle Foundation India – ...

A child roaming aimlessly on an Indian road is not a foreign sight, nor is the sight of a child sweeping the floors in rags and begging for a penny unseen before. These children are used in various industries including the pest control industry. Just like this website here showing you how to get rid of ants and stop them from coming back. Ants plague all of us and it is relatively easy to eliminate them if you use the right ant spray. There are many; most of them orphan. Having lost the parental guidance and care; they struggle. Struggle to survive. When we were fighting over each other’s lunch box at school; the [...]


“India brings home prestigious World Cup’11 beating Sri Lanka by 6 Wickets”   Read every single time, this headline does fill every Indian with some sense of pride and gives ‘Heads Up’ to our country at International scenario. This is the happier side, the other side, however, sketches an entirely different picture of Indian sports. Spea [...]

Nimbkar Agricultural Research Institu...

Growth of Agriculture and Manufacturing sector is among the top priorities any incoming government. Keeping this in mind Team sociovigil makes an effort to create awareness of new emerging areas which aspiring social entrepreneurs can explore and work upon. Agriculture and Energy are new sectors having high potential to grow and prosper in In [...]

Fem Sustainable Social Solutions

femS3: Bridging the barriers The field of social enterprise is young and most inclusive business models are unproven, requiring flexibility and re-tooling in their nascent stages. Moreover, there are challenges of variable and volatile income streams, poor infrastructure, missing value chains and lack of customer demand. This high-risk envi [...]

SECMOL- Integrating Culture & Te...

SECMOL – A Ladakh based initiative that aims to radicalise the Education process. Almost all of us are aware of the impact created by the movie ‘3 idiots’.  It was indeed a masterpiece. Initially, many of us considered education as a process of ‘gaining knowledge’. This movie created a paradigm shift in our insights and redefined our pe [...]

Friends2Support – Friends in ne...

Life is a wonderful gift and to sustain life, blood is something whose importance cannot be described in mere words.  As a general instinct, we don’t really appreciate the need of something unless we run short of it. How many times do you recall someone frantically searching for blood? May be during an operation or may be after a major accide [...]

Rang De – Make a Social Investm...

First of all, pat on your back, that in this fast moving, so called developed era, you have paused to spend your few minutes on this article written merely for a social cause. “Donation” has been quite an easy, quick and efficient way of serving people since ages. There have been many donation drives which aims to help various causes. But, what if the money you are donating is repaid to you after a ce [...]

Teach for India – Architecting ...

On a casual trip across facebook, my eyes got transfixed at one of the status updates, which read; “Just imagine! What if the cure of a deadly disease like cancer is entrapped in a child’s mind who cannot afford to attain schooling? Would he ever get a chance to explore his potential?” Next thing I remembered was going through the statistics [...]

Bharatlaxmi Gas Stove – A Boon ...

Envision yourself in a village. Odds are you will visualise bullock carts paving their way on dusty roads, farmers pushing themselves on the field to feed the nation, mud houses emitting a sooty smoke, children playing with an innocence you will never see……….Wait! I forgot to mention women. Women who has never experienced the beautiful side of life. What comes to your mind almost instantly when someo [...]

Teachers as Transformers – Tran...

Teachers as Transformers
“Education is a powerful weapon that can change the world”                                                                                          - Nelson Mandela. So obvious. Isn’t it? Ask anyone about how to solve the problems of our country and one point common in everyone’s answer will be to impart “quality” education. However, my heart [...]