Guarding the roots



Carrying water fetch by fetch,

From dawn to dusk through the whole stretch…

Little shoulders with huge burdens…

Composure, shyness, innocence, they removed all the curtains…

They are divine, they are lucky..

Yes, they are for themselves…

Please don’t use them as lucky charms…

They want to play and learn…

They want respect, care and concern…

Only education can lead them to their familiar road…

Where they learn and grow without any load.

Brick workers, fruit sellers, construction workers, burdened with poverty of the family, girl children work from dawn to dusk without uttering a single word. Poverty and illiteracy bound them from all sides; their innocence is being used as a tool for business and earning. The curse of being poor and illiterate is being handed to their little hands and shoulders.

According to the MV foundation for child rights, it has been found that the families of the farm labourers in cotton seed farms, the girls worked for 29.4 days a month on wage, women work 22.2 days and men work for 18.6 days. That is more the working members in the family more is the income and hence more security. But what about the dreams and aspirations of these innocent girls, who want to learn and grow, so that in the long run they emerge as successful, confident and satisfied citizens of the country.

Thus, Education is the most important stepping stone towards eradication of poverty. We all know this very well that without educational qualifications and certificate; we stand nowhere and it would be extremely difficult for us to survive because we would be unemployed. Hence, illiteracy would lead to unemployment and hence poverty. But what if, we learn and develop our skills in whatever we are good at? Similarly, what if we nurture our children irrespective of the fact that it is a girl child or a boy and help them learn, gain knowledge and help them grow as respectable individuals. Thus, education is the stepping stone towards overall development which includes development of an individual as well as society.

2004031500610201“Nurturing her dreams today and tomorrow she will make yours come true” defines it all and “Amitasha” truly believes in this motto and believed in this for years and emerged as one of the most successful effort in setting up an educational institution for the upliftment of less privileged girl child. Amitasha works for providing free education to the privileged girls and bringing them at par with the students who said to be in the mainstream.

Pc0303000Initiated under the vision of Dr.Ashok K Chauhan (Founder President of Amity universe) and Dr. Amita Chauhan (Chairperson, Amity Group of Schools).Amitasha is a special school dedicated to providing quality education and work for the growth and upliftment of less privileged girl child.Amitasha envisages the vision of every girl child in India with quality education of an entire family, thereby contributing to the education of the entire nation.

Amitasha uses a very sensitive approach to nurture the girl children and make them realize that are needed and cared for.Furthermore,it provides a quality education ,personality development and healthcare to these children to face the challenges of life with equal pride, dignity and confidence as that of privileged ones. It believes in providing the overall development of the girl child, hence it’s not only the schools that provide all the quality care, but they also encourage their parents to create and maintain a healthy environment hence encouraging these children to take up schools as their right.

Starting in 2000, Amitasha had only 35 students in the beginning but now at present it has about 1000 underprivileged girls studying and getting educated and gaining all the confidence. And due to all the hardwork and the fire inside, Amitasha is now considered as a well known open school for girls. In 2012, it also prepared its first batch of students for CBSE.

“Education is not the learning of facts but the training of mind to think.”

And when mind thinks better; our knowledge can be applied and utilized in our lives. Working on this, Amitasha also organizes workshops on arts, science, health etc.

aw1Interaction with important people like A P J Abdul Kalam encourages these young minds to take up their interests. There are various other activities which are being organized in the school of “Asha” like art, dance, singing and sports. These activities make Amitasha students gain lot of confidence in them. There are also teaching workshops organized for teachers and educators to serve their students in a best possible way..

The Amitasha foundation has worked and is still working for the complete development of a girl child who is devoid all what she deserves.

“To educate girls is to reduce poverty”, and Amitasha is doing a great deal helping India to reduce poverty and come up as an Educated nation.

Present article was worked upon by :  Neha Tripathi

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