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FF2H: Re-engineering Engineers

Ah!!  We, finally, have a non-profit organization that cares about our sick higher studies education system.

We’re all aware of the quality of engineers that are being churned out by TIER III engineering colleges in India largely due to the lack of quality faculty and infrastructure. As a result, every year thousands of engineers are entering into job market who aren’t industry ready and aren’t good at basic engineering fundamentals. FF2H (From Feeling to Helping) realized this as a largely inconspicuous social problem that is plaguing our country. Employment has become a major concern for these engineers due to the gap between the technical training provided by these engineering colleges and the requirements of the industry.

Apart from the problem mentioned above there is another unnoticed problem “social status”. Majority of the parents of engineering students like to send their children to abroad for further studies as it has become a social status. Forgetting the fact that the student is not yet good at his basics, the parents pressurize the students to go for masters in a University in US, UK, Finland, Canada or any foreign country setting them for a failure. Majority of the students who are going for Masters without proper fundamentals end up landing in school abroad which stands first from the end of rankings list by taking huge loans. A huge portion of these student population end up doing part time jobs in Petrol pumps for years together where they will struggle to pay the school fees and clear the education loans.

To avoid such situations for students and their parents, FF2H (From Feeling to Helping), started a unique program where the engineering students will be trained to be industry ready and also provide them with job opportunities. FF2H is non-profit initiative started by few working professionals from Qualcomm and few other IT companies in Hyderabad. The overarching goal of the initiative is to share the expertise gained over years of industry involvement by the trainers to train final year students in certain key technology areas like C programming, Data structures and Object Oriented hone Programming and also their communication and interpersonal skills.

Unlike lot of NGO’s FF2H take students who are academically weak in to the program. With this program, they target to improve the basic skills of the students and boost their confidence levels to face an interview. In a normal scenario none of the students who are part of FF2H would be eligible for campus placements as they are with lesser GPA’s.  But, FF2H through its quality instructors with very strong educational backgrounds has helped catapult the career of such engineers. Currently, FF2H has the instructors from Qualcomm, Amazon and Facebook in its repertoire.

According to the Program Head of FF2H, Pradeep Desu, they connect with the Placement Officers of these TIER III colleges and conduct introduction with the students to know their aspirations. The classes mostly take place during the weekends in the college premises itself. The sessions conducted by the instructors are highly interactive which look to blend the technical and communication skills in to single learning environment.

Since its inception in 2009, approximately 90 students have got jobs in their field of interest. The quality of the training provided and association with MNC’s has helped students for interviews with Companies like TCS, Infosys, Cypress Semiconductor, United Health Group and Innominds. With support from FF2H, few students from its first batch have started their own firm and are running it successfully for last 18 months.

Truly this organization as Pradeep Desu believes is not a group of individuals who want to build a hospital but a group of individuals who want to change the way healthcare is delivered.

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  1. sravan's Gravatar sravan
    June 19, 2012    

    ya..!!! it is an ultimate Non Profit Org.. Thank You FF2h

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