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Friends2Support – Friends in need are Friends indeed.

Life is a wonderful gift and to sustain life, blood is something whose importance cannot be described in mere words.  As a general instinct, we don’t really appreciate the need of something unless we run short of it. How many times do you recall someone frantically searching for blood? May be during an operation or may be after a major accident or may be during treatment of certain diseases like dengue; what a person needs is constant supply of blood:”The fuel of life”. There are times when people lose their lives just because they could not get blood at the right time or at the right place.

That is where the initiative Friends2Support comes into light. “Friends2support” is an organization that brings voluntary blood donors and those in need of blood on to a common platform.  Through this website, we seek donors who are willing to donate blood, as well as provide the timeliest support to those in frantic need of it. is an internet based website and mobile apps aimed at fulfilling the need for blood in the country INDIA. The websites and apps make best use of contemporary technologies in serving a common person free of cost. F2S does not believe in donations, and operates with funds contributed voluntarily by some of its members.

Story so far:

With only 200 donors, the website was launched on 14th November. However, today, the website hosts more than 1,50,000 registered volunteer donors, and has the pleasure of being World’s largest blood donor’s database. Having saved 2,00,000 lives so far, Friends2Support is not just serving the mankind but also bridging the gap between different sections of the society surpassing the barriers of caste, creed and religion. We can say this with great determination because people donate to fellow Indians irrespective of their background or religion.

They have gained appreciation all across the globe and won many international and national level awards.

More than awards, what matters is the satisfaction of helping someone. A pay-check can never give you the amount of happiness which you receive from someone saying you thank you. this is what Gobinda Padhi posted on Donate Blood…. Save Lives….’s timeline

“Today it was a miracle in my life, as an Ex Servicemen & constant donor I never expect such a respond from such unique organisation for a demand from a long distance i.e. HAL Township, Sunabeda, Koraput District, Odisha. Blood was required at AIIMS for my uncle who under gone Heart surgery. Today at 1107 hours I got info from net abot f2s and contact Mr Vignesh (9999654458) (O+) of RK Puram area. He positively responded to my request and honestly arrived at the required spot  & donated blood at AIIMS. I must thanks from my core of heart. Again I must thanks on behalf of my uncle to all of your dinamic members. God bless you all. Remember me for any help from this side. I was at Army HQ Delhi for six years now Serving at Hindustan Aeronautics Limited.”

How do they operate?

As already mentioned, they create a common platform for the blood donors and people in need of blood.


If you wish to be a volunteer blood donor, simple follow this link : Once you are registered, you can customize your profile which includes making changes to your current location if you move out of place. Make yourself available/unavailable based on your desire. If you have recently donated blood, the database automatically makes you invisible for 3 months (after which you are again eligible to donate blood). This way your information goes up on the website and the person in need of blood would contact you directly when required.

If you are in need of blood, all you need to do is go to the website; type your present location and the database guides you to the list of available volunteer donors near your location whom you can directly contact and get blood.

The added advantage of this is that there is direct contact between the donor and the receiver. There is no middleman and money involved in this process. The person in need of blood can directly contact the available donor and hence this reduces the corruption and illegal activities that take place when there are middlemen. Moreover, at times you need fresh blood. That time we cannot rely on the stored blood. Friends2Support is definitely the answer to any such problem we might face.

Mobile Apps Project

In the recent times, the smart phone users in India have increased exponentially.  So as an extension to the website, apps have been launched. The philosophy behind the launch of Mobile apps is to help people to find voluntary blood donors in their own locations on the fly, whenever required (24X7).  The app works at a wide range of operating system platforms and can be downloaded from all major app stores. With the help of these apps, the response time to provide the right blood donor in the right time at the right place has been greatly reduced.

It was our pleasure to establish communication with Mr Jaydeep  Gupta,  Campaign Advisory Manager of Friends2Support. Here are a few excerpts from our correspondence:

What is the roadmap of your initiative for next 2 years?             

Our aim in next 2 years is to be the real hope of every Indian in search of a voluntary blood donor by providing a common number, which can be used nationwide in all regional languages. The number is to be set up in such a way that any person, even with a regular phone connection should be able to call, irrespective of the state or region he/she belongs to. Using this number, even an illiterate with an operating phone can reach this number at any given time, round the clock. The caller will directly be connected to the centralised office that works with GPRS system to track and support all the users.

Do you people also address any other problem of society?

Indeed we do. We believe in making friends. As I said we don’t take donations or funds. We are a group of professionals who give a part of our salary under the Friends2Support hood. We promote education in the rural areas. For eg: If there is a need of bicycle, suppose the school is far from home; then we distribute bicycles. We also pay fees of students who cannot afford education at different tiers of their lives and that is purely voluntarily.

What message would you like to give to the people who really wants to do something for the society but cannot really go ahead with their idea, may be due to lack of time, money or support?

See; everything has its priority. I think we are in a country where we need to contribute to our society. That is our own responsibility. Moreover, at the end of day, it is all about time management. If I want to do something for the society, I need to manage time accordingly. It’s about the society it’s about the nation and not for an individual. I think that is the main motto.

Present article was worked upon by : Vatsal Sanjay & Prarthana Narayanan

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