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Rang De – Make a Social Investment & share colours of Joy !

modelFirst of all, pat on your back, that in this fast moving, so called developed era, you have paused to spend your few minutes on this article written merely for a social cause. “Donation” has been quite an easy, quick and efficient way of serving people since ages. But, what if the money you are donating is repaid to you after a certain interval of time and that too with interest? Sounds really interesting…right? That’s pretty what ” rang de ” does.

The idea of Rang De was sown in the year 2006, the same year that Professor Muhammad Yunus was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his work with Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. The motivation for starting Rang De was the belief that the peer-to-peer lending model could be leveraged to lower the cost of microcredit. went live on 26 January 2008 and this is the belief system that has shaped Rang De.

Rang de is an organization which shares the colors of joy by helping micro entrepreneurs.Rang de is a legal entity. It is registered as a non-profit organization which acts as a bridge between funders and budding entrepreneurs in small remote villages of india.This organization asks people to help villagers financially to start their new business. One can lend even a small amount of Rs. 100 and he will be repaid back after some duration.They ensure that their borrowers pay interest rates that are fair and social investors associated to them get the opportunity to make a meaningful difference to other people’s lives.

Ideas and beliefs of “rang de”

Rang de works with aim to eradicate poverty from our nation. Clearly, it can be achieved by supporting and motivating poor villagers, farmers, laborers all across the nation. They approach underserved and financially backward communities through microcredit. They do this through a network of committed field partners and social investors, by offering money that help their business, education, health and environment to develop. It enables one to make a difference in a sustainable manner through a transparent mechanism. Creativity, leadership, and responsibility towards one’s duties are the core values that guide RANG DE’s actions.

How RANG DE works..?

They choose borrowers to fund small businesses or education.There are people all across the nation who require support to raise themselves by initiating a new business. Rang de’s field partners like udyogini, gravico, sambhav, hope foundation, vama, gram uthhan, prayas, pragati and many more, receive and disburse the loans to the borrowers.According to a repayment schedule, borrowers repay the loan and as they do so, investor receives his/her investment with a nominal return on it.


Due to such a nobel and efficient way of serving people, this organizationhas achieved many awards inspite of being started just recently. It has been honored by millenium alliance award, bihar innovation forum award, bangalore heroes, the india digital award and many more.

The present article was worked upon by : Isha Gupta

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