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Vinayak Lohani and his Parivaar

Vinayak Lohani Parivaar
Imagine a person getting into the premier most institutes of India, and when all his batch-mates and friends started getting lucrative offers from the big names in the industry, he decided to give up everything for serving the humanity. Vinayak Lohani is the person. Vinayak Lohani did his B.Tech from IIT Kharagpur (2000) and MBA from IIM Calc [...]

Chuppi Todo: Don’t keep Mum, speak to...

chuppi todo
Every second child is sexually abused in India. According to the national study on child abuse in 2007, 53.22% of the children surveyed across India reported one or more forms of sexual abuse. Data collected under a study by Govt. of India shows that one out of 3 girls had been sexually abused in childhood. Boys are equally vulnerable as the [...]