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Mirakle Couriers – Delivering P...

Mirakle Couriers
It is estimated that India has about 80 lakh (8 million) deaf adults, making us one of the world’s largest deaf population. Only half of them find employment. When they do find employment, for most of them its in the informal sector where they are badly paid, only seasonally hired and treated especially bad for being deaf. Realizing the probl [...]

Abhishek Syal and his Gift for the Bl...

Abhishek Syal
“We, as small kids, used to do our homework using books with lots of graphic illustrations – imagine being visually challenged and never ever seen a picture in your whole life – how would you self-learn or revise about circles and triangles – leave aside complex diagrams? For other differently-abled, the challenge is different – but it is sti [...]