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Carrying water fetch by fetch, From dawn to dusk through the whole stretch… Little shoulders with huge burdens… Composure, shyness, innocence, they removed all the curtains… They are divine, they are lucky.. Yes, they are for themselves… Please don’t use them as lucky charms… They want to play and learn… They want respect, care and concern… [...]

Teach for India – Architecting ...

On a casual trip across facebook, my eyes got transfixed at one of the status updates, which read; “Just imagine! What if the cure of a deadly disease like cancer is entrapped in a child’s mind who cannot afford to attain schooling? Would he ever get a chance to explore his potential?” Next thing I remembered was going through the statistics [...]

Teachers as Transformers – Tran...

Teachers as Transformers
“Education is a powerful weapon that can change the world”                                                                                          - Nelson Mandela. So obvious. Isn’t it? Ask anyone about how to solve the problems of our country and one point common in everyone’s answer will be to impart “quality” education. However, my heart [...]

AVES – Smart Class Rooms for Ru...

India, the agricultural based nation, after 65 years of Independence is able to bring green, silver, and white revolution in production of goods but for better, brighter and sustainable future is fully able to spread the elemental unit of the growth which is primary education. Many of the government policies and agencies have open schools but [...]

FF2H: Re-engineering Engineers

FF2H: Re-engineering Engineers
Ah!!  We, finally, have a non-profit organization that cares about our sick higher studies education system. We’re all aware of the quality of engineers that are being churned out by TIER III engineering colleges in India largely due to the lack of quality faculty and infrastructure. As a result, every year thousands of engineers are entering [...]

Tribal Hero – Dr. H. Sudarshan

Dr. H. Sudarshan
Dr. Hanumappa Sudarshan Reddy is a Padma Shri Award (2000) recipient and a renowned social worker who has dedicated his life for the upliftment of forest tribes, mainly Soligas in Southern Karnataka. In 1994, he was awarded Right Livelihood Award, also known as Alternative Nobel Prize, for showing how tribal cultures can contribute to a proce [...]

Avanti Fellows

Avanti Fellows
Each year, over 6 million high-school graduates in India are denied the quality undergraduate education they deserve. A vast majority of these students come from low-income homes. Their exclusion from India’s top colleges prevent them from being equal participants in India’s economic growth and is a major contributor to India’s ever-widening [...]