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Parle–G, A dip that’s become an India...

Parle-G, India’s premier glucose biscuit, is much more than the world’s largest selling brand of biscuit. Started way back in 1939, Parle-G is not just the oldest and trusted brand names in India, but also a very great example of a real social enterprise. Parle-G is a biscuit which is consumed by people of all ages, from the very rich to the [...]

Dr. Devi Shetty – The Henry For...

Dr. Devi Shetty
Imagine the feelings of a mother when she hands her few days old child for a heart operation. In India, about three hundred thousand children suffer from heart disease every year- highest in the world. India requires 25 lakh heart surgeries a year but does only 60,000. What if the family is not financially capable to afford the surgery? Heart [...]

Number of Organ Donors on Rise

Number of Organ Donors on Rise
Attitude of people is changing towards one of the most humanitarian act of the time – organ donation. According to reports, more people are volunteering to donate their organs. Society of Organ Retrieval and Transplant (SORT), one of the organ donor centers, has so far 750 donors registered this year, which is 3 times the average number [...]

Swasth India – Health for all

Swasth India
With the medical tourism booming in our country, the health care services are getting better and expensive. It may be a delight to many of us but not all. The people falling in the low income group face the heat of increasing healthcare costs as the diseases make no discrimination in targeting, whether rich or poor. In such a scenario, Swasth [...]

Tribal Hero – Dr. H. Sudarshan

Dr. H. Sudarshan
Dr. Hanumappa Sudarshan Reddy is a Padma Shri Award (2000) recipient and a renowned social worker who has dedicated his life for the upliftment of forest tribes, mainly Soligas in Southern Karnataka. In 1994, he was awarded Right Livelihood Award, also known as Alternative Nobel Prize, for showing how tribal cultures can contribute to a proce [...]