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Mr. Sunshine : Harish Hande

Harish Hande
Harish Hande, famously known as Mr. Sunshine is an Indian social entrepreneur who has lit up the life of people living in rural areas of Gujarat and Karnataka. Hande was awarded prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2011 for his efforts to put solar power technology in the hands of the poor. Harish Hande, an IIT Kharagpur undergraduate, co-fo [...]

Rajendra Singh – “Waterma...

Rajendra Singh
Rajendra Singh, popularly known as ‘Jal Purush’ or Waterman of Rajasthan is an inspirational figure who has transformed the life of people in more than 1000 villages in Aravalli Hills. In 2001, he won the Ramon Magsaysay Award for community leadership. The Guardian named him amongst its list of “50 people who could save the planet” in 2008. I [...]