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Bharatlaxmi Gas Stove – A Boon ...

Envision yourself in a village. Odds are you will visualise bullock carts paving their way on dusty roads, farmers pushing themselves on the field to feed the nation, mud houses emitting a sooty smoke, children playing with an innocence you will never see……….Wait! I forgot to mention women. What comes to your mind almost instantly when someo [...]

Teachers as Transformers – Tran...

Teachers as Transformers
“Education is a powerful weapon that can change the world”                                                                                          - Nelson Mandela. So obvious. Isn’t it? Ask anyone about how to solve the problems of our country and one point common in everyone’s answer will be to impart “quality” education. However, my heart [...]

FarmsnFarmers – Working at the ...

Around 75% of farmers in India fall in category of small & marginal farmers i.e. with small land holding, facing problems like crop selection based on soil type, quality inputs, technological and information unavailability of appropriate farm practices, credit unavailability and  most important challenge is the marketing  of the produce. [...]

Arunachalam Muruganantham: The Man wh...

Over 88% women in India use unhygienic clothes in their menstrual periods. They can’t afford sanitary napkins that are currently available in market. A. Muruganantham, a school dropout due to poor economic condition made a low cost napkin making machine over a research of 4 years. His machine can be operated by village women and can be instal [...]