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SECMOL- Integrating Culture & Te...

SECMOL – A Ladakh based initiative that aims to radicalise the Education process. Almost all of us are aware of the impact created by the movie ‘3 idiots’.  It was indeed a masterpiece. Initially, many of us considered education as a process of ‘gaining knowledge’. This movie created a paradigm shift in our insights and redefined our pe [...]

Project Chirag – lighting up ru...

Project Chirag
In India, it is estimated that over 30 crore Indians still do not have access to power in any form. Result is, there day ends early as soon as the sun goes down. In February 2010, the Students in Free Enterprise at H.R.College of Commerce & Economics in Mumbai (SIFE HRC) visited some of these villages. They were shocked to know that just [...]

Bunker Roy and his Barefoot College

Bunker Roy and his Barefoot College
In a world full of people wanting to live a luxurious live, is a social activist who preferred to rather live as a poor in a country where more than half of the population lives without the daily basic needs.  His name – Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy. Famously known as Bunker Roy, he is an Indian social activist, educator and the foun [...]

Mr. Sunshine : Harish Hande

Harish Hande
Harish Hande, famously known as Mr. Sunshine is an Indian social entrepreneur who has lit up the life of people living in rural areas of Gujarat and Karnataka. Hande was awarded prestigious Ramon Magsaysay Award for 2011 for his efforts to put solar power technology in the hands of the poor. Harish Hande, an IIT Kharagpur undergraduate, co-fo [...]