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Bharatlaxmi Gas Stove – A Boon ...

Envision yourself in a village. Odds are you will visualise bullock carts paving their way on dusty roads, farmers pushing themselves on the field to feed the nation, mud houses emitting a sooty smoke, children playing with an innocence you will never see……….Wait! I forgot to mention women. What comes to your mind almost instantly when someo [...]

AYZH – Life Saving. Life Changing

Over 1 million mothers die annually from unsanitary childbirth conditions. AYZH, an organization founded by Zubaida Bai, designs, develops and delivers lifesaving products that serve the unique health needs of women in resource-poor settings. AYZH launched its first core product, JANMA, a 100 INR clean birth kit, to help hospitals and non-pro [...]

Bunker Roy and his Barefoot College

Bunker Roy and his Barefoot College
In a world full of people wanting to live a luxurious live, is a social activist who preferred to rather live as a poor in a country where more than half of the population lives without the daily basic needs.  His name – Sanjit ‘Bunker’ Roy. Famously known as Bunker Roy, he is an Indian social activist, educator and the foun [...]